Exciting news!

After a mere 32 years of playing together, one of the most venerable bluegrass bands in the Boston area has released our first CD, It's a True Life.

The CD Release Party, held at Passim in Harvard Square, was a blast and we appreciate everyone who came out for it.

It's a True Life will is available from CD Baby.

Who we are

True Life Bluegrass consists of:

  • Steve Watt, banjo and mandolin
  • Ellen Hays, guitar
  • Eric Levenson, bass
  • Tony Watt, mandolin and guitar
  • Laura Orshaw, fiddle

When I sing Cotton Mill Man, I think of my great-grandfather, who was marched in chains from his home in Lodz, Poland, to his native village for leading a weavers’ strike.

Steve's great-grandfather, a cotton mill man.

Striking weavers pose for a group portrait in front of the Wislicki factory, Lodz, Poland, 1902.

Photo from the Archives of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, New York